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Published February 4, 2016

So we don’t normally cover anime and gaming conventions here on VNs Now, but they are playing more of a role in this growing genre and creating more opportunities for developers. If we had a big ‘industry’ convention, it would probably be AnimeExpo in Los Angeles. It is shaping up to be where groups like MangaGamer, Sekai Project and JAST USA promote their acquisitions from Japan. Outside of AX, the largest convention for EVN developers is probably AnimeFest in Dallas. Ayu Sakata of Sakevisual (pronounced SAY-KEH-VISUAL) is a regular at this convention along with noted voice actor Micah Solusod, and previous EVN guests have been Deji and KittyKatStar of Winter Wolves and Apple Cider Games, Py’Tom of Ren’py fame, Chief Komi of IDHAS Studios, Lorelai and Auro-Cyanide of Cyanide Tea, and some insane person who runs some website somewhere; no one really knows who that guy was.

This year AnimeFest is looking like another solid showcase for EVN developers, so I’ve decided to follow news and updates for the convention here on the site. You can keep track of the developers who will be there with this handy spreadsheet, but AnimeFest has also announced their first headline guests for those who want to attend for reason other than EVNs. This year, AnimeFest will welcome both Shingo Natsume and Chikashi Kubota as guests. Mr. Natsume has worked as a Storyboard and Episode Director on One Punch Man and Space Dandy, along with working in Key Animation for series I love such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Welcome to the NHK. Mr. Kubota has worked as Chief Animation Director and Character Design for One Punch Man, Assistant Animation Director for series like Space Dandy, Corpse Princess, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time  and has a solid resume working in animation such as Gurren Lagann and Robitics;Notes. 

We will keep track of AnimeFest as we get closer to August, but if you are in the Dallas area or interested in going, you can get more information on their website. Tickets are $30 until February 29th!

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