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Published March 1, 2016

This week, I’ve been sending a set of questions to sites that host game bundles in order to get a feel of their security measures in the wake of MangaGamer and Denpasoft’s announcements that they’ve been hit by fraud. The first site to respond was Indiegala, but today I received a response from Grant Hughes of Bundle Stars. He was gracious enough to answer the questions I have for all of the bundle sites and I am grateful for his timely response. Speaking of, here they are:

  1. Was Bundle Stars aware of MangaGamer and Denpasoft’s situation before today?

No, I’m sorry to hear that MangaGamer and Denpasoft have experienced these issues. I don’t claim to know the full story here, but every day malicious individuals try to buy keys with stolen credit cards, from digital game stores of all sizes. At Bundle Stars, we employ a sophisticated, intelligent and constantly evolving anti-fraud system to combat this problem effectively.

  1. Are you aware of any cases where a Bundle Stars user has sold or purchased a fraudulently obtained Steam key?

Bundle Stars only licenses games directly from official game publishers and developers. To maintain our reputation as a trusted digital retailer, we keep a very tight control of who we work with. We are not a marketplace where individual users can sell Steam keys.

  1. What steps, if any, are in place to prevent a user from selling fraudulently obtained Steam keys on Bundle Stars?

It’s impossible for any user to sell fraudulently obtained keys through our e-commerce platform, because we don’t allow users to sell products on our site. Bundle Stars only licenses and sells games obtained directly from official publishers and developers, and these companies obtain their keys directly from Steam.

As I said, we will continue to monitor this story and I’m grateful to see that the bundling sites are taking it seriously. This has been JP3 reporting for VNN.

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