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KittyKatStarGal and Deji Interview

One thing that I’ve always loved about the EVN Community is how partnerships are formed. Even bad games takes months, if not years, to go from concept to final product and the different members of a team aren’t necessarily sitting in the same room every day. So the connections that form the foundation run a bit deeper than you can put a dollar amount on, otherwise the various teams that make up this community wouldn’t get done. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I know beyond the creativity and talent we have here, the Power of Teamwork ( for a lack of better words), is something that we should not only be proud of, but new creators looking to form a partnership to create an EVN should try to learn from.

I knew when I planned out these April Interviews I wanted to talk to a team everyone here has seen in action, but may not know much about. Like another very productive partnership, the artist and the writer are from two different sides of the world: KittyKatStarGal from Canada and Deji from Chile. But the divide only seems to make their team stronger…I’ll have to make a note of that for further research. Both work together not only for Winter Wolves, but under their own initiative to create one of my Most Anticipated EVNs for 2014: Autumn’s Journey. I hope you guys have fun reading the Interview! I did!

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Auro-Cyanide Interview

Welcome everyone to April! While it may not feel like Spring depending on your location in the world (looking at you Canada), here at the HQ we want to enjoy this little middle ground between  the Center-Of-The-Earth Heat we’ll be getting in a few months and the Frozen Tundra that was Winter. So this month, you won’t just be getting one Interview; you’ll be getting FOUR. It’ll be a mixture of familiar faces and new interests: with each story reflecting what makes the EVN Community such a creative place.

So let’s get started with an incredible talent. Returning just for NaNoRenO; Auro-Cyanide! Enjoy!

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