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Published February 20, 2018

Considering the steam cleaning going on in gaming at the moment, it’s important to us here to point out the good work publishers and developers do when they do it, which brings us to Cheritz. The group has enjoyed something of a golden age since the release of Mystic Messenger in 2016. Popularity has its own issues though and credit to the management and administration of Cheritz because they seem to be handling theirs.

This week, the company took action against accounts that showed repeated exploitative and abusive behavior: even going so far as trying to hack to program presumably to get the information of other players. This action has led to the banning of over two hundred registered accounts and around fourteen guest accounts. The company explained their decision in a post on their site and social media outlets. Here is a abbreviated version:

Hello, this is Cheritz.

We’d like to inform you about the service restriction we have applied to the accounts that have turned out to have exploited abusive behaviors and programs while playing “Mystic Messenger.”

We have discovered that the following accounts have been changing the original game program for malicious purpose or tried to hack the game for data manipulation, and these accounts will be “banned permanently from game service.”

We greatly appreciate all our MC’s playing Mystic Messenger, and we will always do our best to provide you with fair gameplay.

Thank you.

You can read the full version of the announcement here. And good for Cheritz for doing this. Hopefully more game publishers will follow their example in policing their own communities. JP3: OUT.

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