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Published August 27, 2015

Today, several comments have been made on the recent news article Akisekai: Greed and Lies dealing with someone named Jason Jiyu Yue. Jason Yue is the name listed as the authorized handler of the Akisekai Kickstarter account. These comments have asked that I remove Mr. Yue’s name from the article because he and the person behind Akisekai are two different people. As I commented earlier, I am absolutely fine with removing Mr. Yue’s name if the claim that they are two different people can be corroborated with evidence. As I type this that has not happened, yet I have continued to be contacted today with requests to remove Mr. Yue’s name.

So, here’s what we’re going to do about it.

All I have evidence on is that Mr. Yue’s name was used to open the Kickstarter account (as it is listed on the page as the authorized handler). Because of that, the article has been edited to make it clear that Mr. Yue’s name was used as an alias to front Akisekai and the Love Series Regenerate Kickstarter campaign. As I said in my comments this morning, if there is hard evidence that proves Jason Yue was simply a patsy for Akisekai, which he would have been in this situation, then I am more than happy to make the requested changes. Until then, I have no evidence to support that claim and consider the issue moot at best. You can read my earlier statement on the issue here.

UPDATE: A few hours after this note went up, Jason Yue did contact me and we discussed the issue at hand. After talking to him and seeing conversations between the two, I have kept my word and removed Mr. Yue’s name from the main article.

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