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Published November 10, 2018

Tomorrow, the world will remember the end of World War One one-hundred years ago. As a student and lover of history, it is a significant moment that has been made even more significant by the work Indy Neidell and his team have done to retell the story of the war. Since 2014, The Great War webseries has covered the war week-to-week for four years straight, along with special episodes and commentaries. Next week, the guns will go silent and Neidell and his crew will move forward to new projects: specifically the much anticipated series on World War 2. However, I do not think this moment should pass without celebrating the incredible achievement that is The Great War’s existence. And how do we do that? Well by schilling the series.

I mean, what else did you think we were here to do?

If you have never seen the series, I highly recommend you do so. Yup, all four years and hundreds of hours of content. It’s worth it. However, there are a few episodes that I think are especially worth your time to understand the complexities and brutality of the dawn of modern war. With that in mind, here are Five Must Watch Episodes of The Great War.

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