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Published May 18, 2018

5. Sunrider series (Love in Space)

Moe girls and giant robots in space. Do I even have to explain this entry?

Granted this isn’t one of the best visual novels of all time as I myself have often attested. However, in the shortlist of games I pick up and play when I just want to unwind and have fun, its still on there. People are going to get their popcorn entertainment from every genre, so if its a choice between this and, say, anything in Winged Cloud’s vaunted catalog, I’d much rather they chose this.¬†Why? Beyond the fun factor is a decent enough story of war and loss as the crew of the Sunrider not only fight a seemingly hopeless battle against a nigh-unstoppable war machine, but also decide on their goals in the fight.

It keeps some emotional context to the larger plot, but really the selling point will be the tactical battles. Once you get used to it, it’s nice to just crank up the difficult and let loose. It fits into the other tactical games on mobile that exist already. Plus, let’s not forget this was a major marketing tool for Sekai Project before they screwed the pooch with Liberation Day. It stands to reason that there still value in it either with new player who would be attracted from the visuals alone and veteran players who would want to give the game another go on a new system. Even though LIS has moved on, it would be a fantastic move on their part to see if they can bring the series to Switch.

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