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Published May 18, 2018

4. One Small Fire At A Time (Kidalang)

Psychological, Manapunk (Steampunk, but with magic) thriller. And even that short sells it.

Technically this is a sequel/prequel occurring years before the series starter An Octave Higher. However, for my money, Kidalang’s second go into the manapunk world of Overture is the more successful turn. The narrative is much tighter and more focused than the previous outing and instead of several protagonists from the different social strata of Overture society, we have one: Janis. Selling Janis as a main character is about as difficult as selling ice cream on the beach: she’s a little girl who cannot do magic so she’s been sent to an asylum because her society doesn’t know why.

This catapults the rest of the story as we go through all of the ups and downs of this life: exploring the consequence of a society where magic exists and what happens when it cannot fix a problem. It can be pushed as a comedy, drama and mystery and all of those labels would be accurate. It also boasts the profile of Kidalang and AGM Playism which has done fantastic work in the Pacific for visual novel development and recognition. It is nothing short of an indie game standout and would do fantastic business on the Switch.

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