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Published March 4, 2018

Fruitbat Factory is one of the more fun groups I get to follow. The translator collective has one of the more diverse catalogs in gaming at the moment: spanning from the tongue-in-cheek RPG Lionheart to the somber horror drama Enigma. Their recent project is Acceleration of SUGURI 2: a Bullet Hell shooter that sounds right up my alley in particular. Story-wise, Acceleration of SUGURI 2 takes place thousands of years after the events of Sora, when a new threat surfaces in a time of peace and brings together the casts of Sora and SUGURI

As far as features go, Acceleration of SUGURI 2 includes:

  • Fast-paced, tactical versus style bullet hell action
  • 15 characters from the SUGURI universe to battle with
  • Remastered full HD graphics
  • Three game modes: Story, Arcade and Match Mode
  • Shared Screen and Online (via Steam) multiplayer
  • Improved multiplayer with rollbacks and custom input delay
  • Screenshots and trailer can be seen on the game’s Steam page.

There is also a demo available on the game’s Steam page, which features 6 of the game’s 15 characters and has a fully functional multiplayer. 

You can purchase Acceleration of SUGURI 2 comes priced at $8.99 and is available on Steam with a 10% launch week discount. Three original soundtracks from the SUGURI series – AcceleratorRealism, and SUGURI the Best, priced $7.99 each, are also available for pre-order. Congratulations to Fruitbat Factory on the release and we all look forward to see what they do next.


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