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Published May 17, 2019

I first heard about Australian developer Route 59 in the middle of joking about Australia. No kidding. I was re-tweeting a video of a guy punching a kangaroo when I saw a tweet of Necrobarista being approved for the Nintendo Switch. I was immediately taken with the atmosphere and tone of the game, as well as its trippy story of death and sorcery. Well, after some delays to fine-tune the project, Route 59 has announced that we are gold. Necrobarista will be launching on PC in a few months on August 8th with a release date for Switch and PS4 forthcoming.

The project is coming at the right time for visual novel fans who are looking for something outside of the parody/subversion camp that has grown in the past few years: providing a deeper nuance and solid story in a growing console market. Whether or not we’re talking Visual Novel of the Year material remains to be seen. However, its slew of convention recognitions and the clear passion behind its development is a solid sign. For those who are unaware, here is an overall project synopsis from its press page:

Necrobarista is a gorgeous 3D visual novel about a supernatural Melbourne cafe where the dead spend their last night on Earth. Utilizing a unique anime-inspired aesthetic, Necrobarista places a focus on the usage of animation and cinematography to provide a cinematic experience that draws players into a visually and narratively captivating adventure. Through a series of vignettes, Necrobarista presents a story told from the viewpoints of a diverse cast of characters, and explores the supernatural underworld of Melbourne’s cafe scene.

We will certainly keep our eye on this one. You can get more information about Necrobarista on its official website here. JP3: OUT.