If you have a Switch, a very important release is happening today! Seven years ago, one of the most influential English Visual Novels of all time was released: Cinders by Moacube. The game featured a breathtaking presentation, interesting romantic choices and a fantastic twist on a old classic. The game, as hinted at beforehand, is not only one of the best of its release year of 2012, but still stands as one of the best English Visual Novels ever made. And now, it is available on the Nintendo Switch. Here is the pre-release announcement:

As promised, Cinders is coming to devices. The coolest one first!

We’re teaming up with Crunching Koalas for this one and are absolutely ecstatic pretty cool with launching on a console by a company that shaped our childhood. No big deal.

The game comes out on Valentine’s Day and that’s great — Cinders is a perfect date. Unless she ditches you for the belt-positive Captain of the Guard. ‘Cause, you know, choices.

Congratulations to the team at Moacube on hitting this new platform. I hope a brand new audience discovers what a joy it is to play Cinders. And if you haven’t AND have a Switch, no need to wait! You can pick it up today from the Nintendo eShop.