If you haven’t played Monster Prom yet….why? Easily one of the best visual novels of 2018, Monster Prom is a hilarious satire of 80s and 90s high school comedies while being one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve played…you heard me. Go to my review of the title if you want more information, but it is definitely worth at least one playthrough. The developers of the title have consistently released DLC for Monster Prom including new romance options and outfits; giving the game a reliable update schedule. That schedule has been upgraded with Second Term: set to launch on Valentine’s Day! Here’s the press release:  

Now that the Winter Holiday is through, we know you’re all very excited to return to Spooky High’s haunted hallways. As you should be, because Second Term is shaping up to be wilder than one of Polly’s weekends. Here’s teeny-tiny taste of things to look forward in Monster Prom’s first DLC on the 14th of February

  • A butt-load of new events 
  • A whole bunch of new endings, secret of otherwise 
  • New love interests! Yup, NEW LOVE INTERESTS! 
  • Loads of new NPCs 
  • All sorts of other surprises we’re currently keeping secret.

To add the Second Term DLC to your Steam wish list, visit the link here.