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Published February 23, 2018

JAST USA isn’t in the headlines as much as their counterparts Sekai Project and MangaGamer. However, they can certainly make a splash when they want to. Today, the group announced a new imprint for Boys Love and Yaoi visual novels (and there is a pedantic difference  because  BL focuses on the romantic aspects of the relationship while Yaoi focuses on the sexual aspects and why the Hell do I know this?). JAST BLUE is the name of the new imprint and will be bolstered by JAST’s unique history with the subgenre. The company was the first to localization a Japanese yaoi visual novel, Enzai: Falsely Accused, in 2006.

And that wasn’t the only announcement JAST has for us because they’ve announced the launch title for the JAST BLUE imprint: Nitro+chiral’s sweet pool. Something of a cult hit within multiple fandom communities for combining the BL subgenre with very, VERY graphic horror, this will mark the first official translation of a Nitro+chiral game in the West: an interesting note considering the following they have here.

And on a personal note Molly Lee, a translator who has credits working for Frontwing, MangaGamer and Sekai Project, will be responsible for translating sweet pool. Lee was responsible for translating MangaGamer’s localization of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome’s, whose demo you can see me play and react to here. We certainly congratulate her and wish her luck with this crazy, crazy game. Here are some reactions from all involved:

“We’re certainly excited about all the future BL visual novels that will be coming to English from JAST BLUE. We think fans will enjoy the variety of fantastic games we have in the works, starting off with Nitroplus’s dark and twisted title sweet pool.”
– Nicholas Graham, JAST USA

sweet pool is a wild ride and an absolute masterclass in gripping horror marbled with poignant character moments. If you’re looking to dip your toe into Boys’ Love as a genre, I encourage you to take the plunge with this one.”
– Molly Lee, Translator

sweet pool first released in Japan 10 years ago. Since then, the game has been much cherished by our fans, and we are truly honored to see it localized in time for its 10th anniversary. To all our fans out there in the West, we hope you will soon discover what makes sweet pool so special in our hearts.”
– Nitro+CHiRAL

You can keep track of JAST BLUE on its social media accounts (Tumblr Facebook and Twitter) along with its official website. JP3: OUT.

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