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Published June 25, 2019

Well, what do we have here? It’s been a small second, but we are coming back hot with the demo for Whiteheart Woods! This game is currently in the middle of a crowd-funding campaign from the makers of the well-received visual novel SoulSet (or SoulSex depending on who you ask). I’m looking forward to seeing what this demo can do and I hope y’all are as well!

If you’re interested in SoulSet, check out my friend Tryinmorning’s playthrough of the gam here:…

Check Out My Twitch Channel Here:

About Whiteheart Woods: Summer’s here and school’s out! Join Kevin and his group of friends as they leave for a much-anticipated trip into the wild outdoors. There will be camping, fishing, hiking… Oh, and campfire stories, of course! But don’t believe everything you hear. All the nasty rumors surrounding Wright Lake are surely just that – rumors. Or are they? Check out the Demo and Kickstarter Info Here:…

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