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JP3’s Top Ten Best VNs of 2017

Well, here we are. 2017 was an excellent year for the Western visual novel community. More than a few VNs found mainstream recognition and success. Some even were interwoven into the larger gaming sphere: like Doki Doki Literature Club. However, in the end, it will not surprise anyone that through the year, I played some VNs that were heads and shoulders about the typical and deserve recognition for being the best in their class.

Now, usually we have a much larger awards ceremony here at VNs Now: the Best Ofs. I’m not completely putting the idea to the side just yet because there are so many awesome games that did not make the cut for various reasons. However, after missing the chance to recognize some great work in 2016, I didn’t want to risk the same happening in 2017. Hence, my completely subjective list that will end with my pick for Visual Novel of the Year!

And with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get started.

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