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Published March 16, 2018

A lot of news came out of MangaGamer today. Technically yesterday was White Day in the East. Basically it’s a reverse Valentine’s Day where girls present boys with certain gifts: specifically white chocolate. To celebrate, MangaGamer has three games on sale: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, Ozmafia , and Kindred Spirits on the Roof. I can only really speak for one of the three, because Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is pretty fun. But, if you’ve had your eye on any of these titles now is the time! You can check out those dealsĀ here.

This dovetails nicely into the announcement of the physical edition of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome! MangaGamer will be releasing it March 29th and it is currently available for preorder on their website. You can get an physical copy outside of the bundle we’ve linked, but the link gives me an opportunity to blame Miki for something. Specifically this,

Let us all come together and blame Miki for everything. So check out the sales and hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy! JP3: OUT!

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