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Published May 11, 2019

If you are a regularly VNs Now reader, you may miss the videos and livestreams on our YouTube page. I have played and livestream several games on that channel and I highly recommend checking by for the VOD of my recent streams of Walkerman Act 2 and my playthrough of the horrendous Echo Tokyo: Phoenix. Last year, I was running livestreams through the YouTube channel. However, due to various issues I was having at the time, I suspended the livestreams on that channel in December while I cleaned some things up on my end and tried to put together a solid schedule.

Well, I am happy to announce that a solid schedule has been pulled together and the stream has officially been moved. I have been running some streams over on my personal Twitch account and I believe we can grow more on the Twitch platform as far as streaming is concerned. So, as of today, our streaming schedule for the foreseeable future on Twitch is as follows:

  • Our regular livestreams will be Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM EST, and Saturday at 7 PM EST. The regular livestreams will feature look at upcoming trailers, discussion of current events in gaming and entertainment and a playthrough of a game chosen by the audience. Currently, we are playing Vifth Floor’s Harem/Sci-Fi visual novel Just Desert, but that could change with today’s stream depending on the vote.
  • Sunday may feature a livestream depending on how I feel that day. The game featured will usually be something I can relax and enjoy without becoming an episodic series.

I will begin uploading new videos to the YouTube page over the next few weeks, but that will be detailed in a separate post. For now, if you’re interested in watching my livestreams, subscribe to the Twitch channel here and keep those notifications on for when we go live! JP3: OUT.