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Published February 20, 2018

This past week, Idea Factory announced they were opening up pre-orders for their release of Hakuouki: Edo Blossoms this Spring. We have seen a lot of different stages of hype for the release of a visual novel in the West over the last few years. However, Hakuouki is in a class of its own. How can this one say such a thing?

Take a close look at the Limited Edition:

Notice anything stick out like a sore thumb? THIS IS A PS VITA GAME. Are Vitas even still available outside of Japan or do you have to import if you want one? Either way, this game is coming and I am extraordinarily tempted to find a Vita so I can see what the big deal is. For those interested in this particular package though, the Limited Edition will consist of the following:

  • Seasons of Love Hakuoki Calendar
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms 6oz Mug
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Character Pin Set
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms “Record of Service” Art Book
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector’s Box
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms for the PlayStation®Vita system (Ships with LE, but will be packaged outside of the LE box.)

So, if the package interests you, you can follow the links below for your region. If you just want more information on the game itself, check out the main website.


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