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Published July 31, 2018

Last week, Polish developer Tap It Games released released their latest project which is focused on storytelling: the episodic visual novel series Perseverance. Perseverance is billed as a horror series inspired by The Walking Dead, Blindness and 28 Days Later. Although, there is also more than a few nods to urban fantasy works as well with the setting and characters. No I won’t name any titles: I’ll let y’all fill in the blank.

Here’s the synopsis for the first episode of the Perseverance series:

In Part 1 you play as Jack Cutter, a father who is struggling to keep his family together. He’s a ‘go-to’ guy in his hometown of Grey Ville. On the surface Grey Ville looks like a peaceful town, but research conducted in a nearby military base gives it a mysterious aura. Residents prefer to stay away from it, however, they love to speculate on what’s going on there. Things take an unexpected turn and the area is quarantined.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman is after a fugitive. Her superiors expect her to fulfill her orders as usual. But they are not telling her everything. The person she’s after is more than what she appears to be.

Soon both Jack and the mystery agent will find themselves in a middle of a crisis that will change them forever.

You can get the first part of Perseverance for $3.99 on Steam.

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