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Published February 15, 2019

….So……yeah….let’s talk about sex(?!?!?!?!)

I am so far from the authority on this sort of thing I might as well be typing up this list in Pashtun. My prudishness has been the second longest running joke on this website after my jokes about various Cyanide Tea characters. I cannot, CANNOT emphasize enough that YOU, YES YOU, SHOULD NOT BE LISTENING TO JP THE THIRD ON WHAT QUALIFIES AS HOT. I DON’T KNOW AND I AM AT PEACE WITH THAT.

So, how the Hell am I going to do this list? Well, the thing with sexuality in fiction is that it has a very particular function in either resolving or advancing the narrative that they’re involved in. The lowest common denominator is to write sex for strictly gratuitous reasons. But on the opposite end of the scale are sex scenes written and executed so well, that the audience gets more from that than any other conflict or internal monologue. My attempt with this list is to clarify and rank which falls on the high end of that particular scale. 

No, I wasn’t assured any more than you all were by writing that down. REGARDLESS, we’re going in! Also, this will include demos of upcoming visual novels because I find that sometimes they pull this stuff off better than a completed project can. Also, explicit images about to be shown to get the point across of the theme here. These are the Five Best English Visual Novel Sex Scenes….prepare my fainting couch.  

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