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Published February 15, 2019

5) Sally and Max (Roommates)

Let’s start with some OGs first.

I rarely talk about ‘fun’ in visual novels for reasons, but Winter Wolves’ Roommates is legitimately fun: serving as a high point for the management simulator formula that defined EVNs for years. It helped that there was strong chemistry in its cast with the team able to bounce some familiar archetypes off one another in a way that kept the entire experience fun to read. I wouldn’t say there is a lot of character development per se. The game mostly sticks to its punchlines and banter save for one relationship that stands out in how both of its characters change after the fact: Sally and Max.

The pairing is one of those fun romantic comedy flings that make for good fodder. She’s a passionate activist focused on making the world better. He’s a slacker musician who just wants to have a good time without thinking about tomorrow. Their back-and-forth serves as some of the sweeter moments of the game while properly growing both characters. The growth is admittedly straight-forward and nothing that hasn’t been done before. However, once the unseen sex scene happens, both characters have clearly evolved beyond the tropes they were originally set as. 

And yes, this is the only sex scene not shown to the audience. That was my one.

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