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Published May 29, 2015

After over a year in limbo, Winged Cloud abruptly announced today that The Guardian’s Spell has been cancelled. This afternoon, the following message appeared on the Kickstarter page for The Guardian’s Spell:

We’re refunding everyone who backed this campaign. The refund process will take roughly 2-4 weeks. The project is now closed.

Although it had a successful campaign and raised over three thousand British Pounds, just a little over five thousand American Dollars, information to the backers came to a stop during the Summer of 2014. With no public way to reach out to them at the time, VNs Now approached their publisher Sekai Project during the Fall of 2014 to try and find answers. The response, which you can see here, initially held both the writing team and voice acting team responsible for the delays. However, when the voice actors told their side of the story, the flow of information stopped again as Winged Cloud apparently went in search for a new writing team. At the beginning of the year, Winged Cloud announced that progress was continuing on The Guardian’s Spell in a post on their new website. After that, the flow of information stopped again until today.

We here at VNs Now will continue following this story until we get confirmation that all Kickstarter funds have been returned to their donors: a process Winged Cloud has said should take two to four weeks. This has been JP3 reporting for VNN.