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Published March 1, 2017

Well, it is that time of year again. That glorious month where aspiring and veteran EVN developers all become one body, focused on one goal: completing a visual novel within a month. Yes, it is NaNoRenO time yet again and I love this time of year. While this does lead to some typical genre tent posts in romance and otome to come through, there are always a few unique titles in either quality or ambition that stand out. Among my many tasks here at VNs Now, feeding the ambition of developers is one of my absolute favorite and this is going to increase moving forward as I turn my eye away from story construction to story craft.

I’m not going to commentate any further on that: that rant can wait until another day. For now, if you are participating in NaNoRenO this year, all you need to know is that the time limit will pressure you into doing a well constructed story and moving on. But, for those that are willing and able, I’d like for you to consider going one step further and using this period to develop your craft. There are many ways to go about that, and studying a variety of media will certainly help. To that end, there are three video essays I think gives good advice and information for those looking to grow their talents.

I strongly suggest you follow the channels I highlight here and watch more of their various libraries because all three bring a lot of knowledge to the table. And frankly, I’m not going to summarize the videos in any way because that would kind of defeat the purpose of watching them. Combined they’ll only take about thirty minutes out of your day and it is well worth it.  With all of that said, good luck to everyone participating in NaNoRenO! If you’re interested, check out the Itch.Io page right here! We’re all looking forward to what you create and, hopefully, your projects will benefit with a little insight into David Fincher, George R. R. Martin, and Junji Ito. Enjoy!

David Fincher – And the Other Way is Wrong (Every Frame a Painting)


Game of Thrones: The Repercussions of Morality (Will Schoder)


How Media Scares Us: The Work of Junji Ito (SuperEyepatchWolf)