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Published August 18, 2018

If you are fortunate enough, you are in Dallas, Texas this weekend to attend AnimeFest. The annual convention stands out from other anime fan conventions for also being an unofficial meetup for visual novel developers. AnimeFest has seen many influential minds from the EVN sphere including the creator for the Ren’py engine Tom Rothamel, voice actress and Sakevisual studio head Ayu Sakata, Ayu’s husband Micah who I’ve heard does some acting as well, IDHAS studio head KomiTsuku, writer TJ Huckabee from Team Eleven Eleven (SC2VN), Josh Kaplan of Studio Elan (Highway Blossoms), prolific artists Deji (Jisei series, Autumn’s Journey) and Auro-Cyanide (Break Chance Memento, Taarradhin), prolific writers KittyKatStar (C-2 Dating, Autumn’s Journey), Carrogath (Basiliska) and Lorelei Nguyen (That VN Where You Bang A Cake), and prolific musicians Mondonater (SC2VN) and Matthew Myers (Winter Wolves).

That is a lot of talent to walk through Dallas. Just saying.

Once again VN devs will descend to that ridiculously hot city (102 F today!) and Sakata is providing a room where the public can come and try a visual novel for the first time. Confirmed VNs for the room are:

  • Backstage Pass (Sakevisual)
  • Without A Voice (L³)
  • Corona Borealis (Winter Wolves)
  • That VN Where You Bang a Cake (Just Speaking This One Into Existence. Sorry Lore. ((Kinda)))
  • A Jisei series entry (Sakevisual)

Plus you get to meet a ton of creative people and enjoy not melting in the Dallas sun. So definitely go and check it out! You can find the VN Reading Room on the second floor of the hotel AnimeFest is at in the Executive Boardroom. Follow Sakevisual’s Twitter account for more info. JP3: OUT.

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