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Published April 1, 2017

As you know, we here at VNs Now¬†are focused on building you a better gaming site and correcting many long-term issues we’ve had in delivering on that site. To that end we’ve talked with several business partners with long-established ties to the visual novel world to make improvements. All of our conversations were productive and led to some action points that I believe will take our website to the next level as a part of an internal initiative we’re calling Sakura Reviewer. Here are our immediate goals:

  • I’ve been told repeatedly is that I have a cute girl mascot and don’t use her at all. In our six years of operation there has never been any lewd art of Oracle or even a wallpaper of her in a bikini for the Summer! We’ll be addressing that immediately; working with great artists in the VN community to produce hotter, lewder website art that better shows off our assets. This will also factor into our reviews as we integrate high-quality fanservice into our new scoring scale! Regardless of the game, we’ll be able to guarantee a little extra something at the end of the review: giving everyone something to agree to regardless of the score! I’m personally looking forward to the first piece of art we’re getting for the next review of Oracle as a Foxgirl! It’s going to be lit fam.
  • There is a huge disconnect between myself and the visual novel audience and a lot of that is rooted in my old-fashioned and prudish ways. The best way to address this problem is to first lower my expectations. This will start with me drastically changing our grading scale from one through ten to four through eight: four being the lowest and eight being the highest. I know it seems counter-intuitive with use focusing more on fanservice with the final score. However, I’ve been assured by our partners that this will satiate those who need a numerical score while not insulting their taste and sensibilities. All past reviews will be upgraded to fit this new scale, with those getting a five or below given a few extra points to show the best possible score they could’ve gotten at the time, as well as their overall potential. For example, Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 (which, I’m told, will be getting a sequel very soon!) will go from a 1 out of 10 to a 6 out of 8 with my profound apologies for denigrating such a misunderstood gem!
  • Finally, starting immediately; I will be revoking my policy on hentai visual novels: welcoming them to the site with open arms! This is to counteract my tendency to give more time and attention to visual novels that meet, as my partners have told me, some snobby idea that only exists in my head. And with our new efforts on including fanservice in reviews and changing the scoring scale, any hentai I review will be guaranteed a solid recommendation here on VNs Now! I’ve been advised by my new partners to start with Sakura Nova from Winged Cloud! I am aware that I previously had promised not to return to the series, but my partners assure me that this will greatly improve the quality of the site. Plus, look how cute the girls are!

So, this is where we’ll begin our new direction! I know this will be an adjustment for all of us, but if it helps get the word out about visual novels, then being a little more lewd makes it all worth it. Thank you guys for your support of VNs Now embracing its lewd side with our Sakura Reviewer goals! JP3: OUT!

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