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Published November 13, 2018

Every month, the community over at Chic-Pixel have events to play certain games. This month has been declared VN November which strikes my fancy quite nicely. You can get the full details on the Chic Pixel website here along with a few recommendations and most of those I can get behind (with one or two exceptions that will get there day on the block). And while I’m not a member of the Chic Pixel I do want to join in at least for a little bit to shill for some games that I personally enjoyed.

With that in mind I’m not just going to play a VN specifically for VN November, I’m going to add my own recommendations to the list. As I often say, any VN I review and give an eight out of ten or more is worth your time without reservation, but I can understand the desire NOT to spend the rest of the afternoon flipping through our review catalog. So here are five more VNs that are worth your time if you’re looking for a visual novel to play this month.

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