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Published November 13, 2018

Fatal Twelve

Yes I’ve been talking everyone’s ears off about this since the demo came out last year and, fair warning, I’m not going to stop. This my end up being my VN of the Year. It is very, very good.

On the surface, we’ve all played Fatal Twelve before. Several people are gathered by an unknown entity/game master for a game of survival where the winner kills the others in increasingly gruesome succession. Fortunately for us, Fatal Twelve subverts the tropes of the subgenre by first and foremost killing everyone: including the protagonist Rinka. From there, the game set by Parka (the game master) forces each player to determine if they’re lives are worth going back to and why. This gives us an array of meditations on both life and death as not everyone involved has a reason to go back. Some are going to die anyway, some have no interest in continuing to live and those who want to live actively change their reasons as they play the game.

It is a fantastic study on life and death while including both a solid thriller and a very good romantic story between Rinka and her friend Miharu that gets far more complex as their characters developer. I’ve already spoiled some of that in my review, so I’m not going to link the review. But definitely check out the visual novel.

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