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Published November 13, 2018

Aviary Attorney

Whenever I have a chance, I bring this game up because it truly is something different: a game inspired by Ace Attorney, but not reliant on it. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t played every Ace Attorney game on the planet, yet feels that he has because of how those wishing to honor Phoenix Wright’s adventures often copy them beat-for-beat. For example, how many EVNs ‘inspired’ by Ace Attorney have a first scene that is near the exact same as the opening case of Ace Attorney? I have played four EVNs that claim genetic similarities to AA and three of the four are guilty of that crime. 

Aviary Attorney, however, has its own story to tell. And while it respect its inspirations, it uses them as a platform instead of an anchor. Once the first case thoroughly subverts the formula, the game proceeds to use its setting, France at the end of the reign of Napoleon and facing another potential revolt, to tell a legal thriller about corruption, change and the true meaning of justice. The cast is also surprisingly good, with Jayjay Falcon having moments of incredible depth and a backstory that makes him unique not only in this game, but maybe all games. It is well worth your time to play this one, if you haven’t done so already.

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