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When Are The 2018 Best/West Of Lists Going Up?

January is nearly in the books, is it not? That means we only have a few more weeks to properly put 2018 and pick out both the Best Visual Novels I’ve played this year and this worst. Will it happen? Yes. I will not be playing all of what 2018 offered, but the games that were on my personal list to play last year I’m nearly done playing and ranking. One slightly positive update is that the 2018 Worst Of list has been absurdly easy to do this year. Even with the rule of only one easy choice, it was straightforward. The Best Ofs are a little more challenging. So, good job developers on that one. 2018 was a solid year and I’ve enjoyed a lot of the visual novels I got a chance to play.

When will everything be complete? It should all be uploaded on January 30th and the 31st: next week. Strap yourselves in folks and let the speculation for VN of the Year commence! JP3: OUT!