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Published July 31, 2018

Two Urban Fantasy titles in one week. Huh.

Anyway, fresh off the latest release in their Echoes of the Fey series, Woodsy Games have announced their eighth game titled Crimson Spires. Crimson Spires takes a decidedly darker turn in the Woodsy catalog: featuring a city controlled by vampires using a ring of magical towers to keep the citizenry (AKA their livestock) trapped with no way to escape. It looks like something in between Urban Fantasy and Junji Ito…not that I’m complaining. Here’s a quick summary of the synopsis:

Six months after the rise of the Contingency Towers, the town of Bataille is broken. Dozens have died trying to escape and it is clear there is no way out. The town’s sheriff, Erika Wright, may be the most broken of them all. A former FBI agent from the city, she was trapped in Bataille after chasing a serial killer across its border moments before the rise of the towers. Now she spends her days patrolling the border, looking for any new corpses of townspeople who tried to cross.

There are also romances planned, so that should be interesting considering the main featured character so far are a random citizen, a serial killer and a vampire. Again, there are inspirations here that can be made to other Urban Fantasy series, but I will leave those connections to be made to the audience. The release window for the game is in 2019. You can get more information on Crimson Spires from the Woodsy Games site here.



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