It’s LudoNarroCon Weekend! Here’s What You Need To Know.

It’s LudoNarroCon Weekend! Here’s What You Need To Know.

We are just under an hour away from one of the premier events for this particular genre of gaming. Those who are familiar with Visual Conference and the VN panels at AnimeFest in Dallas should by now also be aware of LudoNarroCon. The event was started last year by the company Fellow Traveller. Fellow Traveler has become a leader in the Interactive Fiction subgenre: leading with one of my favorite games of the last decade – 2016’s dystopian thriller Orwell. Even with the current global pandemic, the company has pushed forward with this unique and vital event. From the press release,

“With a COVID-19 vaccine 12-18 months away, we need to accept as an industry that it will be a very long time before we get back to large physical conventions and it’s almost unimaginable that any will happen this year,” said Chris Wright, Managing Director at Fellow Traveller. “With LudoNarraCon we hope to bring a convention experience to your home, wherever you are and provide an opportunity for indie developers to shine. We’re also keen to help others create similar festivals in the coming months and happy to share what we’ve learned.”

The response from the community has been incredible. LudoNarroCon will feature forty digital game exhibitions, fifty related sales for the coming weekend, and over ten hours of panels on narrative and game design. The games featured in the exhibitions will include upcoming titles Boyfriend Dungeon, Chinatown Detective Agency, and the sequel to my 2016 Visual Novel of the Year VA-11 HALL-A ; N1RV Vann-A. And the best of all of this? You can watch the panels and check out the game exhibitions FOR FREE.

LudoNarroCon will run from today to the 27th. You can get more information about the event and get your free pass here. For both old and new fans of this genre of gaming, I hope you take some time this weekend to check out the festival and support Fellow Traveller. They are doing a phenomenal work and I am looking forward to seeing how things go this year.


Written by JP3 - April 24, 2020