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Now Presenting the Nominations for the 2014 Best Ofs!

Getting this list together wasn’t easy and I think it’s only fair to bring everyone up to speed.

As I mentioned before, the bulk of the nominations focused on a core group of visual novels released in 2014: leaving several out in the cold. So I involved my privileges as all-mighty Editor-in-Chief to add to this list so that it wouldn’t be too concentrated on a select group. This doesn’t mean that my nominations will win: far from it. In fact, long-time readers will most likely be able to tell what games I added. It just means that several groups that deserved recognition will at least get that before I pick the winners.

So how will that process go? There will not be a Twitter showing for this year considering the lateness and the fact that NaNoRenO is in full swing. Sometime in the coming weekend I’ll just put a Winners post up here and I will continue updating the review backlog while we watch the NaNoRenO projects take shape. With all of that said; here are your nominees for the 2014 VNs Now Best Ofs! Congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

And side note: games with partial voice acting were not considered. I appreciate the nominations towards that, but we are only focusing on fully voice acted games.


English Visual Novel of the Year

  • Icebound by Fastermind Games
  • Autumn’s Journey by Apple Cider Games
  • Taarradhin by Cyanide Tea
  • Aloners by Sonnet009
  • Basiliska by Carrogath and Clua
  • Romance Detective by NomNomNami
  • Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf by Winter Wolves


EVN Studio/Development Circle of the Year

  • Love in Space
  • Winter Wolves Games
  • Fastermind Games
  • Visokyo Anime Production
  • Detective
  • Cyanide Tea
  • Apple Cider Games


Rookie of the Year

  • Sonnet009 (Aloners)
  • NomNomNami (Romance Detective)
  • llplldll (Memento Dears)
  • Detective (Gods of Nowhere)
  • Azuneko Studio (Black Diary)
  • MikomiKisomi (Magical Boys)


Best Character

  • Cecily (Basiliska)
  • Auralee (Autumn’s Journey)
  • Dougal (Icebound)
  • Romance Cop (Romance Detective)
  • The Girl (Petrichor)
  • Trash (Aloners)
  • Neqtia (Taarradhin)


Best Director

  • Sam Yang (Sunrider)
  • Jonathan Xikis (Icebound)
  • Celso Riva (Seasons of the Wolf)
  • Milan Kazarka (Invisible Apartment)
  • Kaleidofish (Saving Zoey)
  • Marcus Lam (Unhack)


Best Writer

  • Boniae (Forget-Me-Not)
  • Carrogath (Basiliska)
  • Uncle Mugen (Hammer)
  • Lorelei (Taarradhin)
  • Donmai (The One In Love)
  • Clea (Petrichor)


Best Artist/Art Team

  • Clua (Basiliska)
  • The Apple Cider Team (Autumn’s Journey)
  • The Petrichor Team (Petrichor)
  • Detective (Gods of Nowhere)
  • The Icebound Team (Icebound)
  • The Saving Zoey Team (Saving Zoey)
  • Auro-Cyanide (Taarradhin)


Best Original Song

  • Seasons of the Wolf (Boossara)
  • Halloween Otome Theme Song (Tyler Thompson)
  • Pizz’Amore Theme Song (Christopher Escalante)
  • Sora no Senritsu-The Melody of the Cosmos (Iced Blade)
  • It’s Not Easy To Say Goodbye (Tomas Krze)
  • My Name in Lights (Matthew Myers)


Best Original Soundtrack

  • Matthew Myers (Roommates)
  • Julian Langdon (Icebound)
  • Carmen Chow (Princess of Ruin)
  • Tomas Krze (Invisible Apartment)
  • Matt Hamm (Unhack)
  • Philipp A. (Saving Zoey)
  • Jenny Gibbons (Quantum Conscience)


Best Editor

  • R-bit (Saving Zoey)
  • Clea (Petrichor)
  • Tina Ryu (Princess of Ruin)
  • The TOA Team (Seasons of the Wolf)
  • Reika Aoyama (EVOVLEd)
  • Shadow (The Reject Demon: Toko)


Best Programmer

  • John Doran (Saving Zoey)
  • Marcus Lam (Unhack)
  • Vaendryl (Sunrider)
  • The Icebound Team (Icebound)
  • The Soul Gambler Team (Soul Gambler)
  • Sonya X (Skights)
  • The TOA Team (Seasons of the Wolf)


Best Male VA

  • Jon Bullock (Victorian Olives)
  • Ethan Nakashima (Pizz’Amore)
  • Youngee Brummett (EVOLVEd)


Best Female VA

  • Tina Kim (Victorian Olives)
  • Xanthe Huynh (Unhack)
  • Helene Daviau (Pizz’Amore)
  • Annie Quin (EVOLVEd)


Best Romance EVN

  • LongStory Episode 1 by Bloom Digital
  • Rhyme or Reason by Ludeshka
  • Roommates by Winter Wolves
  • Halloween Otome by Synokoria
  • Princess of Ruin by Unbroken Hours
  • Memento Dears by Otome Palace
  • Skights Episodes 1-4 by Sonya X


Best Hybrid EVN

  • Visual Novel Tycoon by
  • Unhack by InvertMouse
  • Soul Gambler by M.Gaia Studio
  • Sunrider: The Mask of Arcadius by Love in Space
  • Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf by Winter Wolves


Best Comedy EVN

  • Pizz’Amore by Seraphim Entertainment
  • Romance Detective by NomNomNomi
  • Magical Boys by MikomiKisomi
  • The Mishka Effect by Kaleidofish and Co.
  • The Residuals by Sasuga Studios
  • Grinning Heart: The Voyage by
  • Fortune Island: The Interview


Best Drama EVN

  • Hammer by Studio Mugenjohncel
  • The One in Love by Donmai
  • Invisible Apartment by Vysoko Anime Production
  • Forget-Me-Not by Little Lake Studios
  • Petrichor by Orfeyus Studios
  • To Kill A Black Swan by Marcel Weyers
  • Saving Zoey by Kaleidofish & Co.


Best Fangame EVN

  • Being Beauteous by Träumendes Mädchen
  • Lloyd Irving Dating Sim Lubrian and Silence-
  • The Cask of Amontilllado by Charles Sutton
  • Regeria Hope Episode 1 by Golden Game Barn
  • In Miko We Trust by
  • Quiz RPG: Tenshi Christmas 2014 by Route/0
  • Ragnarok: Believe by Eruku


Most Improved Writer

  • Marcel Weyers (To Kill A Black Swan)
  • Cera Hendry (Ex Astris Episode 2)
  • Ludeshka (Rhyme or Reason)
  • Sonya X (Skights)
  • VenusEclipse (Princess of Ruin)


Most Improved Artist

  • Nuge (Quiz RPG: Tenshi Christmas 2014)
  • Auro-Cyanide (Taaradhin)
  • VenusEclipse (Princess of Ruin)
  • Cera Hendry (Ex Astris Episode 2)
  • Chronica (Grinning Heart: The Voyage)
  • Deji (Autumn’s Journey)
Written by JP3 - March 3, 2015