Ten Years of VNs Now Special Feature: Fifty EVNs JP Recommends (29-11)

Ten Years of VNs Now Special Feature: Fifty EVNs JP Recommends (29-11)


19. Roommates (Winter Wolves Interactive)

You’d be surprised at how many people try to pull off the ‘college years’ setting in a video game. Most focus on the fantasy of care-free youth and sexual relationships, few nail the feeling quite like Roommates. Heh, ‘nail’. The core of the game is a management simulator where you control the Protagonist’s schedule and use that to raise various stats to attract one of your available roommates, hence the title. The game keeps its tongue mostly in its cheek and focuses on making the moments outside of the sim as fun and comedic as possible. This helps the romances be both understandable and enjoyable. One thing many romance games miss is they focuses on several factors to make the stories around their character’s falling in love interesting and miss the part with them falling in love. It’s fun watching people fall in love in Roommates and that is possibly the biggest compliment me with my wither shell of a heart can offer any game like this.

Written by JP3 - June 19, 2021

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