Ten Years of VNs Now Special Feature: Fifty EVNs JP Recommends (50-30)

Ten Years of VNs Now Special Feature: Fifty EVNs JP Recommends (50-30)


30. Taarradhin (Cyanide Tea)

Cyanide Tea were undisputed and nigh untouchable at the ‘subverting expectations’ game. Romance was their favorite playground as they often presented the stereotypes most people associate with the subgenre, only to twist them in very dark ways. Their entire catalog is worth a look, but there is something about Taarradhin that will always be in high regard for me. Perhaps its the obvious fact that the romantic targets are specifically acting like romantic targets to manipulate the Protagonist? Maybe it’s the fact that her naivete will cost one of them their life? Maybe it’s just that Auro-Cyanide is a kickass artist and this was made just as she was reaching the zenith of her craft. I don’t know. What I do know is that this coming-of-age tale uses history and audience expectations in such a way to make every choice have a little more impact than the last: keeping you tied in until you reach the True Ending. I loved it in 2014 and it brings me great joy to see it stand the test of time.

Written by JP3 - June 11, 2021

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