The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018
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The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018

9) Sanguine Rose (Dusky Hollows)

Yes, this is a adult visual novel and my reputation precedes itself when it comes to that subsection of the medium. However, a handful have started to get my attention by trying to (dare I say it) not suck (no pun intended). Sanguine Rose is an interesting case from that handful in that its central premise both make the eroticism make sense and moves the store beyond just eroticism. A high-ranking military commander and noted hedonist has been captured and the crew that captured her are now stuck with her in an enclosed space with her using both her intellect and sexuality against them.

As I said in my review of the demo, this is the skeletal premise of Alien and it works wonders for Sanguine Rose: giving it a leave of tension that many non-erotic games cannot create. I want to see where it goes with that tension and if these poor saps even have a chance as they’re twisted around the predator’s finger. It should be a fun ride if nothing else and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to seeing it completed. Hopefully it’ll be this year so I can avoid having porn in a Most Anticipated list in 2019.

(Something tells me hentai writers will work to prove me wrong though)

Written by JP3 - January 11, 2018

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