The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018
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The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018

7) TRUTH: A Visual Novel (Fervent Games)

We haven’t heard from Fervent, creator of the 2015 VN of the Year Cupid, for a while now for some much need R&R. However, once Ameliori returned: it was full steam ahead. Their demo of The Black Beast won out in the recent Maximum Monster Month gamejam and this year we may see their third completed project that also promises to be the darkest: TRUTH. And considering the depths Cupid went to in order to complete its twisted love story, that’s say something.

In Truth, you play as the sacrificial lamb in a demon summoning. The five teenagers who participated in the ritual believe it was successful and are now trying to figure out how to control you. Nothing is off the table in their bid for power over you, the question is if you will yield…or if you’re even possessed at all. The game lends itself to both being a thriller in the vein of Fallen and The Devil’s Advocate while also including an intriguing mystery as the player attempts to figure out who is telling the truth and how to get out of their situation. This is a premise that will come down to execution, to be fair and so far Fervent has earned their reputation on this site. Here’s looking to a solid release this year.

Written by JP3 - January 11, 2018

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