The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018
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The Most Anticipated VNs of 2018

6) The Wolf Among Us Season 2 (Telltale Games)

You know what? People will complain that this shouldn’t count as a visual novel. And considering the quality of Telltale’s work on other properties in the last few years, as well as other developers taking their formula and doing it better, I should be coming into 2018 with a great deal of hesitation with anything that Telltale has to offer. But dammit, I’ve been wanting this for five years now and I’ll be first in line to see Bigby come back. Why? If for no other reason that the growth of the overarching ‘Interactive Fiction’ genre, which includes visual novels in the West, can be tied directly to The Wolf Among Us.

The Walking Dead Season 1 got Telltale noticed, but this is the franchise that solidified their reputation. According to the developers, this will not really be a continuation of the first season. Rather, it’s a new story featuring the Fable characters. The biggest thing throttling back my hype is Telltale’s sloth. While they have maintained favorable reviews, their works has noticeably declined since TWAU Season 1. Their Batman series has earned its negative marks from me for a reason and that has exacerbate through The Walking Dead Season 3, Minecraft Story Mode, and yeah, their Game of Thrones series to an extent. Hopefully, the creative team won’t rest on their laurels with this one and deliver the experience TWAU fans have been waiting for.

Written by JP3 - January 11, 2018

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