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These Are Your Winners for the 2014 Best Ofs!

Hello all! Thank you again for your patience. As previously announced, Taarradhin by Cyanide Tea is my choice for English Visual Novel of 2014. However, there are still so many to congratulate for their amazing work over the past year. These are your winners for the 2014 Best Ofs! Congratulations all and we are looking forward to what you do in 2015!

English Visual Novel of the Year – Taarradhin (Cyanide Tea)

Studio/EVN Circle of the Year – Apple Cider Games

Rookie of the Year – Sonnett009 (Aloners)

Best Character – Cecily (Basiliska)

Best Director – Sam Yang (Sunrider)

Best Artist/Art Team – Auro Cyanide (Taarradhin)

Best Writer – Lorelei (Taarradhin)

Best Programmer – Vaendryl (Sunrider)

Best Editor – R-bit (Saving Zoey)

Best Male VA – Ethan Nakashima (Pizz’Amore)

Best Female VA – Helene Daviau (Pizz’Amore)

Best Original Song – Season of the Wolf (Matthew Myer and Boosara)

Best Original Score – Julian Langdon (Icebound)

Best Romance EVN – Roommates (Winter Wolves)

Best Hybrid EVN – Sunrider: The Mask of Arcadius (Love in Space)

Best Comedy EVN – Romance Detective by NomNomNomi

Best Drama EVN – The One in Love (Donmai)

 Best Fangame EVN – Regeria Hope Episode 1 (Golden Game Barn)

Best Pun – Pizz’Amore (The Title)

Most Improved Writer – Uncle Mugen (Hammer)

Most Improved Artist – Deji (Autumn’s Journey)

Written by JP3 - March 9, 2015