VN Industry Panels at AX 2016

VN Industry Panels at AX 2016

This weekend, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of anime fans will sweep through Los Angeles for Anime Expo 2016! The yearly convention is considered the largest in North America and will feature some of the biggest names in the anime industry today as well as the top three VN localization companies operating in the West right now: Sekai Project, MangaGamer and JAST USA. Their industry panels are quickly becoming a highlight of the VN fiscal year and helps give the rest of us a sense of the direction these three want to take their companies and the licenses under their banner. There will also be other panels featuring visual novels in one form or another, so we here at VNs Now will be tracking and analyzing these panels as the weekend progresses from the ostentatious confines of the VNs Now HQ.

However, if you’re in LA and want to see these panels up close and personal, I figured I’d at least create something a little more convenient that constantly checking an Excel sheet or convention guide book. So, here are the industry panels for the VN groups at AX:

Friday, July 1st

Saturday, July 2nd

Sunday, July 3rd




Written by JP3 - July 1, 2016