Were You At AnimeFest This Year? If So, Help Us Out!
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Were You At AnimeFest This Year? If So, Help Us Out!

Well, AnimeFest 2016 is in the books! I had a fantastic time there and have lot to say about what I observed not only at the panels, but the entire experience as a whole. Those reflections and analyses are coming, but believe it or not I’m interested in more than just my opinion. All of the visual novels panels had a good crowd and I’m very interested in what those in the crowd thought and what their experience was.

So here’s how this is going to work. If you went to any of the visual novel panels at AnimeFest, it would mean a lot to us here at VNs Now if you completed a quick survey. This isn’t an effort to dictate or influence what should happen next time at AFest…although if the feedback is constructive, I’d hope it would be considered at the very least. Rather, my hope is that it can serve as something of a collective pool of ideas where we can all learn from AFest and use what we’ve learned to spread the news about VNs outside of AFest. I also want to be clear that everyone who went to one of these panels: including EVN developers and even the panelists themselves if they have thoughts they want to add to the collective pool.

Thank you for your consideration all! As soon as we get a good enough sample size, I’ll put the results together and we’ll dig through them. Oh, and most importantly, the survey in question is right here. JP3: OUT.




Written by JP3 - August 17, 2016