• Retro Microphone

    VNs Now Radio Is Live TONIGHT!

    Tonight on the live show, JP will be discussing the return of RWBY from RoosterTeeth and how it’s being defined by a fandom mostly made up of people forcing themselves to

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  • Clean Water

    Ayu Sakata Throws A Water Party

    Last week, voice actress and Sakevisual chief Ayu Sakata launched a charity fundraiser with the goal of raising $17,000 for clean water projects worldwide. The fundraiser will go on for

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  • Sunrider EVN

    Sekai Project To Bring Sunrider Space Opera To Steam

    The Sekai Project is making big moves into the EVN community. Not only have they added several new Japanese titles to their catalog, but today they announced a partnership with

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  • Devil Gene R Header

    A Quick Look At: Devil Gene R

    Normally, this would be the part where I try to lighten the mood because I’m about to start off on a rant that will make me question the dental floss

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  • Skights Episode 1

    A Quick Look At: Skights, Episode 1

    Despite popular public opinion, writing a review isn’t easy. Not only must the reviewer must be a uniquely qualified, slightly maniacal Internet asshole, but there must also be enough information

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  • Sakura Spirit Header

    Sakura Spirit Delayed

    As originally announced on MangaGamer, the Sekai Project’s first original English Visual Novel, titled Sakura Spirit, has been delayed. The fantasy ecchi title was originally slated for release a few weeks ago

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